I started cooking when I was 9 years old. What seemed like a weekend hobby grew into a passion when I saw how food united people. Cooking became a part of my identity and I am incomplete without it. Good food has this immense power to bring a smile among people, it makes everyone happy.

I decided to pursue my career as a chef and graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management in Bengaluru. Even though my career kick-started as a chef, my dreams reached a stand-still when I sustained a back injury. As a result, I was advised to change my line of work and in the following 5 years, I tried to belong in the corporate world in vain. So one day I quit my job and started traveling. And that helped me find my purpose in life.

I’m Anupama, founder of Wandering Pickle, a brand started with a hope to nurture my love for food, travel, and photography. Currently, I live in Gurgaon, India, but I travel frequently across the country for my work as I shoot food and beverage for restaurants and FMCG companies. Sometimes it is a complete circle where I cook food, style, and photograph it. I have always loved food styling and it comes naturally to me as I’m a trained chef.

Wandering Pickle is also a platform for my travel diaries which would have my heartfelt experiences about the places that I visited. For all those who love cooking like me, I have also included the recipes of all the foods that I cook for my friends, family and as a part of my work.

My vision through Wandering Pickle is to open up a whole new world, helping my friends enjoy life better through travel and food.

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